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culture_awards's Journal

creating icons showcasing the past
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Welcome to culture_awards, and icon contest community showcasing all that is in the past; from fashion of the 1800s to cartoons of the 1980s and everything in-between. Every week a new challenge will be posted featuring a new time period and/or theme.

Hall of Fame

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Entry Rules
You must be a member in order to enter the challenges.
Icons must meet LJ icon standards [100x100 / 40K or less .jpg, .gif or .png].
All effects are allowed [except animations].
You do not have to use the sample images [unless otherwise stated].
Enter only icons you've created.
Do not show others your icon until after the voting process is finished.
When entering provide image as well as URL.

Icon URL: http://snipurl.com/19um1
Original Image URL: http://snipurl.com/1bvzc

Voting Rules
Do not vote for yourself.
Do not get others to vote for you.
Only vote for only the # of icons asked for [normally this will be three].
Challenges: Friday Evening - Friday Evening [aka: one week]
Voting: Friday Evening - Sunday Afternoon
Winners Posted: Sunday Evening
Current & Past Challenges
Current Challenge
This community is currently on hiatus.

Past Challenges
Challenge.001 - Snoopy + Woodstock [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.002 - Seven Natural Wonders [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.003 - Paper Dolls [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.004 - George Hurrell Photography [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.005 - Stonehenge [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.006 - Fantasia [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.007 - Music of the 1970s [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.008 - Mother Goose [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.009 - I Love Lucy [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.010 - The Eiffel Tower [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.011 - Vintage Bicycles [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.012 - Cowboys [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.013 - Pirates [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.014 - Hanna Barbara Cartoons [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.015 - Farms/Farm Animals [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.016 - Cabbage Patch/Garbage Pail Kids [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.017 - Norman Rockwell [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.018 - Video Games [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.019 - Pyramids [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.020 - Harry Potter [Voting + Winners]
Challenge.021 - Salvador Dali [Voting + Winners]
If you'd like to affiliate, please comment here. Icon/graphic contests only, please.

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Images: dj43 + gettyimages.com + corbis.com
History: wikipedia