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Challenge.004 [George Hurrell Photography]

Deadline: Friday, March 23rd, 2007; 5pm CST.
You may enter up to 2 [two] icons.
You may use ONLY the images provided.
All effects are allowed [except animations].
All icons must meet LJ requirements.
Do not share your icons until voting has closed.
Enter by commenting to this post only, with image & url.
Current entries: 30

Joan Crawford + Marion Davies + Marlen Detrich + Sherilyn Fenn + Judy Garland + Jean Harlow

Ann Sheridan + Simone Simon + Anna Sten + Mamie Van Doren + Walt Disney + Clark Gable

Click thumbs for larger & uncropped images.
Images from hurrellphotography.com + hurrellphotos.com.

George Hurrell (June 1, 1904 - May 17, 1992) was a photographer who made a significant contribution to the image of glamour presented by Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940s. One of Hurrell's first subjects was the famed aviatrix Poncho Barnes. Through her, he met silent-screen star Ramon Novarro, who commissioned a series of portraits from Hurrell. Thrilled with the results, Novarro showed off his new stills to co-workers at MGM, where they caught the eye of leading lady Norma Shearer. Shearer was desperate to convince her husband, MGM production chief Irving G. Thalberg that she could generate enough sex appeal to play the lead in The Divorcée. She hired Hurrell to take some sizzling photos that landed her the role. Thalberg and Shearer were so impressed with Hurrell's work that he was hired as head of the MGM portrait gallery in 1930.

For the next two years, Hurrell photographed every star at M-G-M, from Joan Crawford, Clark Gable and Greta Garbo to Wallace Beery and Marie Dressler. His work set a new standard for Hollywood portraits. It even inspired a new name for the genre - glamour photography. After a disagreement with M-G-M publicity head Howard Strickling, Hurrell left to set up his own studio on Sunset Boulevard. The stars flocked to Hurrell for portraits.
Copied from hurrellphotography & wikipedia

Note: You are only allowed to use the images provided. Also, you are only allowed to submit two icons, so make them count!

I hope more of you will choose to participate this week.

Good luck!

P.S. There's still a few hours to enter Challenge.003 [Paper Dolls].

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