June 29th, 2007

Pokemon [Galactic Grunts]
  • ponkie

Challenge.018 [Video Games]

Deadline: Friday, July 6th, 2007; 5pm CST.
You may enter up to 3 [three] icons.
You may use other images of video games/gamers if you'd like to.
All effects are allowed [except animations]. Animations will be allowed this week!
All icons must meet LJ requirements.
Do not share your icons until voting has closed.
Enter by commenting to this post only, with image & url.
If you use an image you find on your own, please provide a link to the full size image.
If you're iconing a game tell me what game!
Current entries: 28

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Don't forget, you can enter THREE icons this week!
Good luck!

P.S. There's still time to enter Challenge.017 [Norman Rockwell]. This challenge really needs more love!

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Stock [Fading Trees]
  • ponkie

Challenge.017 [Norman Rockwell] Voting

Voting will end Sunday, July 1st; 12pm [noon] CST.
Do not vote for yourself.
Do not get others to vote for you.
Only vote for only the 3 [three] icons. No more. No less.

Good luck everyone! I <3 you!

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aerdran! Please comment with a few of your favorite icons for the Suggester's Pick Award, in order of favoriteness. If all the ones you choose place in the voting, I will hound you again for another choice...

Also, Challenge.018 [Video Games] has already been posted! Good Luck!

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