February 10th, 2007

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Welcome to culture_awards, I hope this community grows to be successful and enjoyable to all the participants. The first challenge will be posted as soon as we have 10-15 members, so if you've stumbled upon this community please tell you friends and get the word out!

I've made a promo banner for those who'd like to help promote the community in anyway. It's greatly appreciated!

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If you'd like to be an affiliate please leave a comment here and I'd be happy to add you to the list in the userinfo.

Additionally, if you have any other questions or concerns please leave a comment here and it will be gotten to promptly.
Stock [Fading Trees]
  • ponkie

Theme Suggestions

As this is a community driven community I thought it only appropriate that I take any suggestions from the community and put them into action. So, if you have any idea's for weekly challenges or the betterment of the community in general, please do not hesitate to comment.

All suggestions are appreciated and if you theme is chosen you will definitely be mentioned in the challenge post!

*Write your answers after the </b>