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Challenge.014 [Hanna Barbara Cartoons]

Deadline: Friday, June 8th, 2007; 5pm CST.
You may enter up to 2 [two] icons.
You may use other images of Hanna Barbara Cartoons [pre 1990s] if you'd like to.
All effects are allowed [except animations].
All icons must meet LJ requirements.
Do not share your icons until voting has closed.
Enter by commenting to this post only, with image & url.
If you use an image you find on your own, please provide a link to the full size image.
Current entries: 20

Click thumbs for larger & uncropped images.
Images from animationartgallery.com +vegalleries.com + gallery.bayazidi.net + teddybelly.net
toonsart.com + scoop.diamondgalleries.com + animationarchive.org + www.billiardmemorabilia.com.

Hanna-Barbera was an American animated cartoon production company that produced animated television programming and motion pictures for forty-five years between 1957 and 2001. Hanna-Barbera was founded in 1944 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer animation directors William Hanna and Joseph Barbera as H-B Enterprises, through which the pair used to do freelance television commercial production.

After MGM shut down its animation studio in 1957, H-B Enterprises became Hanna and Barbera's full-time job, and the company became Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1960. For three decades, Hanna-Barbera produced many successful cartoon series, including The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Huckleberry Hound Show, The Yogi Bear Show, Jonny Quest, Scooby-Doo, and Smurfs, all of which would go on to become icons of Western pop culture.

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera first teamed together while working at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer animation studio in 1939. Their first directorial project was a cartoon entitled Puss Gets the Boot (1940), which served as the genesis of the popular Tom and Jerry cartoon series. From 1969 to about 1983, Hanna-Barbera Productions was the premier television animation studio in the world, almost exclusively dedicated to producing Saturday morning cartoons. The company's fortunes declined some after weekday afternoon syndication became the most successful venue for television animation.

Hanna-Barbera was the first animation studio to successfully produce animated cartoons especially for television; until then, cartoons on television consisted primarily of rebroadcasts of theatrical cartoons. Other Hanna-Barbera works included a theatrical cartoon series, Loopy De Loop, for Columbia Pictures from 1959 to 1965; and the opening credits to the ABC/Screen Gems television show Bewitched. Later, H-B would use the Bewitched characters as guest stars on The Flintstones. Many of Hanna-Barbera's original TV series were produced for prime-time broadcast, and they continued to produce prime-time TV cartoons up until the early 1970s. Such shows as The Huckleberry Hound Show and its spin-off, The Yogi Bear Show, Quick Draw McGraw, Top Cat, Jonny Quest, The Jetsons, Wacky Races, and especially The Flintstones were originally broadcast during prime-time hours, competing with live-action comedies, dramas, and quiz shows.

Copied from wikipedia

Theme Suggested by: helenbutterfly! When voting is posted, please comment with your top 3 or so choices (in order of preference) for the coveted "Suggester's Pick Award!" Thank you for your suggestion! =D

Note: If you find images on your own, please give me a link to the full size image when you post your icons. This will help for banner making if you win!

Specification: Please note that week is only for cartoons PRE 1990s. That means, NO Powerpuff Girls, NO Dexter's Labretory, NO Johnny Bravo, ETC! Here is a full list of all the Hanna Barbara Cartoons as well as their dates, so just remember to look at the date BEFORE you make an icon. It's also a good list to refer to for inspiration.

Good luck!

P.S. There's still time to enter Challenge.013 [Pirates]. I would really love a few more entries!


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